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snarly yow

High Rye Bourbon

This beast of legend has haunted the backwoods of West Virginia since the 1790’s. Those who’ve crossed paths with the Snarly Yow have said it resembles a hulking, doglike creature—as black as shadow with piercing red eyes that can disappear as quickly as it appears. One particular encounter tells of a local huntsman, well known about town as a sure shot, who came across the beast while out hunting. Frightened but confident of his prowess he took aim with his rifle only to watch the shot go through the creature with no effect. Reloading he fired over and over again with each round passing through the dark creature like a shadow. Overcome with dread and out of ammunition, he ran from the woods and vowed to never forget what he saw that day. Much like the Snarly Yow our High Rye Bourbon is hard to forget; complex and robust with a flavor that keeps you coming back for more.

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